Abbotsford woman seeks Government help to control IVF costs, Filed a petition

Abbotsford woman seeks Government help to control IVF costs, Filed a petition

Jennifer Kuiken , An Abbotsford woman has filed a petition to the provincial government to get in vitro fertilization (IVF) covered – at least in part

Jennifer Kuiken said she started the petition due to the unaffordable costs of IVF – around $20,000 every time, It is very expensive specially for couples who are having difficulty in conceiving.

She said she is trying to conceive a family since 2016 with her husband, but due to abnormalities with the embryos/featuses, they have suffered through six miscarriages.

Jennifer Kuiken said “Recently, we’ve had to explore other avenues in hopes of becoming parents,”

Jennifer Kuiken and her husband, both are employed but none of their extended medical plan or other support plan like provincial Medical Services Plan  has cover any of the costs, She said this has had led to them considering private IVF.

Kuiken has filed a petition on and she has supported by almost 1,800 signatures but she requires towards her goal of 2,500.

In her petition she states that one in six couples experience difficulties in conceiving, and most are not financially able to consider IVF due to high cost.

There is no support from the Government and due to unaffordable cost of IVF Treatment,  Its not in reach of common people who really required the services.

 “Because of the lack of support from our government, IVF has become big business, and B.C. couples like us are travelling to find access to affordable IFV solutions every day,” the petition states.

Kuiken said the World Health Organization recognizes infertility as a medical condition, and four other provinces – Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec – offer government support for IVF.

Now she would like coverage to extend to B.C. and, eventually, all of Canada.

“Not everyone wants to be a parent, but those who do should have access and options available,” Kuiken states.

News Resource –, Jul. 15, 2020

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