An Indian origin Swiss woman wins damages for IVF negligence at Bengaluru hospital

A 33 year old Indian origin Swiss woman wins damages for IVF negligence at Bengaluru hospita

Bangaluru based Indian IVF centre found guilty for not providing proper services required for the treatment

Bengaluru – A 33 year old Indian origin woman from Switzerland, who came to Bengaluru for her IVF treatment, but it was her extremely upsetting experience when she found that due to the negligence at the hospital’s laboratory resulted in the biopsy sample turning unfit for testing. In its bad services compensation hospital offered the procedure free of cost whenever the women visited India again. The woman approached the consumer court against the bad services and won a refund of her flight ticket and a compensation of Rs 35,000.

This Karnataka woman got married in 2011 and settled in Wil City of Switzerland. After a long struggle for a baby the woman wasn’t able to conceive, and an attempt at IVF failed. The couple approached to a Bangaluru based doctor working in a IVD Hospital, who advised the woman to fly down and undergo IVF procedures here in Bangaluru.

As advised the woman reached to Bengaluru on March 19, 2018 and got admitted to the hospital for the related procedure, four days later. She paid Rs 43,839 and flew back to Switzerland. After this all procedure taken the hospital said the result would be shared in 10 days.

After few days the woman’s husband received a call from the doctor who was dealing with this case, he said that there was medical negligence at the laboratory of the hospital and the sample was unfit for the testing, The doctor informed them that she will convince the hospital management to provide a refund of all expenses including her travel also, But when the woman called the doctor on May 26, 2018 she was informed that the hospital had refused to pay but was willing to redo the procedure free of charge if she visited India again.

In the consumer forum court the hospital said the doctor noticed a small endometrial polyp in a certain area and advised the woman to undergo a diagnostic hysteroscopy procedure. But in its reply hospital said a biopsy sample was taken for evaluation, but its viability was lost due to improper storage
On April 29, 2023, the consumer forum given its verdict that the hospital had been failed to provide proper services and deficient in that, and ordered it to refund the airfare of Rs 47,991 with interest.

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