KMC Manipal Facilitates Infertility Health Care In Africa By Providing IVF Training to African Doctors

KMC Manipal Facilitates Infertility Health Care In Africa By Providing IVF Training to African Doctors

India Now playing major role in Training and Healthcare Support to the African Medical Professionals

Manipal India is now playing major role in support of Education and Healthcare Training Program in Africa, IVF is new area where Indian professionals supporting African Experts. Like many cultures, childless women suffer discrimination, stigma, and ostracism in Africa also. Their inability to have children results in great isolation, disinheritance, and assaults. KMC Manipal provided Training of African doctors through the ‘Merck more than a Mother’ campaign initiated by Merck Foundation, a philanthropic organization in Germany, there is a chance that when women in distant Africa overcome infertility, they will thank Manipal.

Manipal Supporting African Countries for IVF Services

Mrs Vasanthi R Pai, Trustee, Manipal Academy of Higher Education awarded certificates to the African doctors who completed the MAHE –Merck Foundation IVF Embryology training program.

Societal pressure is such that be it in India or Africa, infertility makes a woman feel inadequate, the people around her adding to the trauma. “While both the man and woman are equally contributing to the causes of infertility, it is only a woman who suffers from the trauma caused due to infertility’’ said Dr HS Ballal, Pro Chancellor of MAHE while addressing the African doctors.

KMC Manipal Facilitates Infertility Health Care Services and Training

“So far about seventy Embryologists and Gynecologists from twenty-one African countries have received training in Manipal and now helping people in their countries’’ said Dr Satish Adiga, Coordinator of the training program.

‘’As the opportunities are very limited, the initiative taken by Manipal is immensely helping to shape our carrier path in IVF and to help needy in our country” said Dr Evans Kofi Agbeno a Gynecologist from Ghana who received IVF Embryology training in Manipal.

“To address the lack of trained and skilled health professionals in this area, KMC is aiming to scale up the Embryology training program to the other countries.’’ said Dr Sharath Rao, Dean of KMC Manipal.

News Resource –, November 13, 2021

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