Oasis Fertility launches ‘IVF @Home’ to beat the Covid

Oasis Fertility launches ‘IVF @Home’ to beat the Covid

Hyderabad – Corona has restricted business activities across the globe, IVF Industry is badly affected by this, but in this difficult time India’s Oasis Fertility has announced the unveiling of an initiative ‘IVF @Home’ campaign to extend its support to IVF Treatment seeker whose treatment hampered by covid, This is the first such initiative in the country, where in vitro fertilisation (IVF) is being provided at the doorstep of the fertility care seeker.

Press release of the hospital said. However, the pandemic compelled them to postpone the decision and continue to do so even now as the fear of infection has not subsided and apprehensions of visiting a hospital continue. To address the concerns and fulfil the dreams of such aspiring parents, Oasis Fertility is launching the ‘IVF @Home.’

“There are no signs of Covid subsiding and makes sense for couples to not to delay having a baby any further. We realised the main concern of patients, is being scared to seek IVF treatments during Covid times, the delay in having baby is creating undue stress, therefore we came up with a very innovative, unique and first of its kind idea of offering all our patients a solution of IVF treatment at home,” said Dr Durga G Rao, medical director and co-founder, Oasis Fertility. Oasis Fertility has framed a comprehensive SOP for providing care through IVF @home, and treatment will be provided at the patient’s home through a contactless patient engagement with the visits to the clinic restricted now, the release added.

News Resource – telanganatoday.com, September 29, 2020

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