Dancing star James Jordan shares regret over delaying starting a family by IVF battle

Dancing star James Jordan shares regret over delaying starting a family by IVF battle

The former Strictly Come Dancing star and his wife, Ola, welcomed a daughter named Ella in February this year through IVF help

The 42 year old former Strictly Come Dancing Star James Jordan and his 37-year-old pro dancer wife Ola have found a baby girl named Ella back in February this year. The Strictly star couple married in 2003, now became first time parents after convincing their baby with the help of IVF treatment.

James says that they (He and his wife ) have everything- fame, work, and wealth for years before and finally deciding to begin trying for a family 3 years ago.

Reflecting on his successes and new found life as a father, the famous TV talent show star admits he regrets not beginning a family sooner.

James Jordan and Ola Jordan with their Baby

He told The Sun: “If I could turn back time, I probably would have had kids, yes.

He quotes about the importance of Kids and said “We have always focused on our careers, making money, having a nice house and car, but I’ve always been a saver. Neither of us are big spenders. I now feel like all the material things are not important.”

James and Ola both starred on Strictly from 2006. James left the show in 2013, while Ola stayed on for another two years and departed after competing in the 2015 season.

James and Ola had appeared in many reality shows, James starring on Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing on Ice, while Ola participated on I’m A Celebrity, So overall they had quite busy and hectic life due to their celebrity status.

Discussing on the delay to starting a family, James said: “We put our careers first and we were lucky. We have a beautiful baby and we are over the moon. If we had missed the boat I would be devastated.”

Talking on his feeling being a father, He said he is feeling “lucky” that they have managed to conceived their daughter during their first round of IVF.

He said: “Some people  who have been in contact with us have done it eight, ten, 12 times and it’s been unsuccessful. It must be heart-breaking.”

News Resource – mirror.co.uk, 25 JUL, 2020

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