After reduce in NHS funding of IVF cycles now its a popular trend of increasing number of women are going abroad for their fertility treatment .

After NHS episode, the domestic IVF treatment is much costlier than neighbour countries, Hundreds of British families are seeking care overseas, where it is often cheaper than at a private clinic at home where a cycle typically costs around £7,000. Experts say couples are also being put off from treatment at home because of what they call “hidden costs” associated with UK care, such as embryo glue, which aids implantation, assisted hatching and genetic screening.

Campaign group “Fertility Fairness” found that more than four in five Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) fail to commission the recommended three full cycles of IVF in line with National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance. Of the CCGs offering IVF to patients, 125 CCGs fund one cycle of treatment. 46 CCGs fund two cycles of treatment and only 34 CCGs fund three cycles. 4 CCGs do not fund any treatment whatsoever.

Main overseas destinations are in Europe mainly Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece, Brazil, Hungary, India, Lithuania Russia, Spain and Turkey

In these countries IVF Treatment nearly 40-50 cheaper than UK and Ireland

“Patients’ inability to access IVF because of substantial cuts to NHS fertility services and funding, coupled with the high cost of private fertility treatment in the UK are the key factor to trigger the seeking assisted conception abroad. If neither of these factors change, fertility tourism is likely to increase in popularity in other countries.


News resource and Image –, October 20, 2017