New upgraded technology in IVF now improving the chances of women falling pregnant through IVF up to 50 per cent.

High-tech screening allows doctors to closely study embryos to ensure they’re genetically healthy before being implanted during treatment.

As per report one in four New Zealanders experience fertility problems.

Medical Director of ReproMed, Dr. Guy Gudex, said the technology could also result in fewer women having miscarriages.

“The miscarriage reduction is hugely important because to go through IVF over a year or two, get pregnant and then have a miscarriage is devastating. “We’re very confident this testing reduces the chances of a miscarriage by at least a half.”

This new technology will be greatly helpful to those women who are badly affected and struggling with the problem of miscarriage, certainly the confidence for IVF Treatment will be increase


News Resource –, November 01, 2017