Fertility Group Genea has developed a new app called “Grow” which enabling IVF patients to see photos and videos of their embryos as they develop in the lab. The fertility group Genea has a clinic in Bella Vista in Australlia

This is the first Australian app for smart phones and tablets which will allow IVF patients round the clock access to photos and videos of their embryos growing during the five days they spend growing in an incubator in the embryology lab.

Kirsti and Todd MacRae underwent IVF at Genea at Bella Vista and welcomed their son Cody, a little brother to Evie, into the world in March.

Mrs MacRae was surprised to have Evie, now 4, naturally because she had polymyositis, and endometriosis.

Conceiving a second child was not so easy, so after a year without success the Bligh Park couple turned to Dr Antony Lighten, Genea Fertility Specialist at their local clinic for help.

Kirsti had 14 eggs retrieved and eight were fertilised in the Genea Northwest Laboratory. Six were then biopsies for pre-implantation genetic screening. One was transferred.

Mrs MacRae said going through the process could make you fell “a bit disconnected” until the 12 week ultrasound.

She said the Grow app was a wonderful addition.

“Being able to see the embryo growing will make it a lot more personal.”

The app is made possible because Geri, the incubator in which the embryo sits, has a camera within.
“People can sometimes feel like it is a failure needing intervention- it’s just not,” said Mrs MacRae.

“People are so surprised that we are open about our fertility treatment and the fact we needed IVF. The outcome is our beautiful baby boy- who cares how we got him”.


News Resource and Images – Daily Telegraph, Australia, 08 August, 2017