Ms. Natalie Cameron, fourth year medical student and medical Researcher of University of Aberdeen has submitted her research and study paper on human reproduction which examined the data of more than 112,000 women who started IVF treatment between 1999 and 2008. The results showed that those who miscarried during the first cycle had a 40.9% chance of having a baby over two further cycles of IVF.

This whole study was carried out by Natalie who is fourth year medical student of University of Aberdeen, This study led and supported by Dr David McLernon, Prof Siladitya Bhattacharya, and Dr Sohinee.

Ms Cameron said: “Miscarriage can be a devastating experience for any couple, but especially for those who have already struggled with infertility. “This, coupled with the emotional and financial burden of multiple cycles of treatment can make many couples lose confidence and give up. “We hope our findings will provide reassurance to these couples as they consider their options for continuing treatment.”

This study is a landmark research which keeps hope of couple alive who dream for a baby. It is hoped the study can offer “reassurance” to those considering their options


News and Image resource – BBC, September 20, 2017