Malta President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said she is hopeful that the new IVF law she is going to present to sign will take on board the recommendations of further consultation and discussion, whilst taking into account the ethical and moral considerations at stake.

Last week Coleiro Preca had shared her concerns on the ongoing debate over the IVF bill, saying she was concerned by the polarised debates currently under way. She said she was willing to be a mediator in the debate on the proposed amendments to the Embryo Protection Act.

Questioned by this newsroom, the President stated that she met with Health Minister Chris Fearne and discussed her concerns.

There is still time and opportunity after the Second Reading stage and before the Third Reading in Parliament, for more talks and reflection between all stakeholders, she said.

The President welcomed the government‘s commitment for further consultation and discussion at a very appropriate period within the parliamentary procedure.

Coleiro Preca said she will wait and see how this consultation progresses and reiterates that she will always be available to mediate if necessary.


News and Image Resource –, May 03, 2018