The lucky couple Brian Smith, 51, and Sarah, 30, first began trying for a baby shortly after they got married in 2013, but struggled to conceive, They used used a £5,000 scratchcard win to pay for IVF, surpisingly now they got a beautiful baby girl.

Sarah’s gran Betty then scooped the payout playing a £2 Monopoloy game in September 2015.

She shared her winnings with all her grandchildren – but they decided to club together and pay for the couple’s fertility treatment.

Brian explained: “Sarah’s nana, Betty gave a scratchcard to her grandchildren on September 9, 2015.

“My wife went to cash it in and Betty gave all the money to her grand kids, and all the sisters were going to use their money to buy a pug, but then the sisters got together and said ‘we don’t want a pug, we want to give you a baby.”

The couple, from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria did not qualify for IVF funding as railway worker Brian was already a father to two children.

But they were eventually successful using an egg sharing programme.

Brian added – “Our experience was positive once we accepted that we didn’t qualify for IVF, we had more less decided that if it happens, it happens and what will be, will be.

“But we had a perfect embryo and pregnancy, everything went absolutely perfectly.

“We froze three and kept one and it was amazing – the eggs were put in on April 16, and on April 27 we found out we were pregnant.

“I think Sarah was born to be a mum.

“Nanny was 90-odd and all she wanted was for Sarah to have a baby.”

Sadly Betty died before she could meet her granddaughter who was born on December 22 and named Betty-Ellen in tribute to her.


News and Image Resource –, November 14, 2017