One good news came from BART Centre at Bulawayo which received its first good news in vitro fertilisation (IVF) – A baby conceived through IVF was born at Bulawayo Assisted Reproductive Technology (BART) centre.

In Zimbabwe, IVF had been discontinued in the 1990s as policy decision by government but now there are a couple of clinics offering the service in Harare and Bulawayo with BART Centre being one of them.

It’s great to note such technological advances happening locally. So instead of going to Harare or South Africa to get IVF, Now couples can just acquire it locally. This saves on time; Travel time and of course, it cuts on the costs significantly. Its good news on commercial point of view for the country.

However, because BART Centre is still new (it only opened in December 2016) I would think that the sample size used to calculate the success rate is still too small. But then again, like in everything else, there’s always a starting point.

Its really very impressive because good results are coming from the Centre, this must have been one of their very first IVF procedures. Though the baby came two weeks sooner

Its really a matter of pride for Zimbabwe and its medical scientists who are seriously involved in medical research


News Resource and Image – TechZim, August 15, 2017