The famous Celebrity Chef Donatella Arpaia is pregnant with twins after 6 rounds of IVF. She made this announcement on the Today show. This comes after her son Alessandro, aged six, told her he had a dream where God relayed that she would get pregnant with twins and name them Emma and Noah.

She is married to cardiac surgeon Allan Stewart and is due in early November.

She added to Instagram ‘I think that if you are meant to have children there are souls out there that are meant to come to you whether they come from IVF or different means or adoption, once you open your heart they will come to you,’ she said.

This good news comes after years of struggle. After having her son at age 40 she had trouble conceiving a child. She went through a staggering five rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) over five years but it didn’t take. She and her husband decided to take a break as they had become exhausted.

That is when she stopped by the Today show where she talked to Hoda Kotb, 53, about adopting.

Kotb adopted daughter Haley Joy in February 2017 and spoke well of the experience.

‘I hadn’t expected that Hoda’s own happiness would open my heart,’ Arpaia told

So she considered adopting. ‘That love felt so authentic and that opened my heart to adoption,’ she said.

But before filing adoption papers, she tried one more round of IVF. And because of her age and because this was round six, she was skeptical it would work.

Then at about that time her son Alessandro told his mother he talked to God in a dream. God told him that she would have twins and she’d name them Noah and Emma. Donatella was shocked that he brought this up because she had not told him about her plans to have more kids.

‘We had stopped talking about having children. I didn’t want him to be disappointed anymore,’ she said.

She wanted more details from her son.

‘I said, “Alessandro, did you read a story at school? Where did this idea come from?” He said “God.” I said, “Where are these babies coming from?” He said, “From your belly, Mommy,”‘ she said.

And he proved to be right. Two months later she found out she was pregnant with twins. ‘I told my son and he said, “I told you,”‘ she added.

Doctors have told her she might be pregnant with two boys then said she might be having a boy and a girl.

So the gender is still up in the air. ‘I still can’t believe it is possible,’ she said.



News and Image Resource – Mail online, 28th May 2018