Debbie Stevenson,  resident of Boldon Colliery, Tyne and Wear. She was working as bookmaker she stole cash from her employer company because she was so desperate for another child, She used money to pay for costly fertility treatment, involving trips to Greece, Finally she gave birth to twins but continued siphoning off money from the firm. 37 years old Debbie Stevenson has admitted embezzling £92,181.64 in the court, but is yet to be sentenced

She  started stealing the cash from the packaging firm The Pitreavie Group in Glenrothes, Fife, until January 2017, she worked as a bookkeeper since 2014.

She used the money to pay for costly fertility treatment, involving trips to Greece, and gave birth to twins in 2015.

She also has an 18-year-old son, She feared she would be sent to prison and parted from her children, Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court was told.

A judge deferred sentence to allow assessment of suitability for a restriction of liberty order. Stevenson admitted embezzling a total of £92,181.64 from her employers.

Scott McKenzie, defending, said: ‘She started embezzling from the company primarily to fund IVF treatment.’

He said the treatment involved significant costs, but her offending continued even after her children, now aged two-and-a-half, were born.

Stevenson’s husband Michael was training to be an engineer, and Mr McKenzie said: ‘She did end up under significant financial pressure.’

He said she was ashamed about her behaviour, particularly in relation to the company director, and added: ‘She does realise the company suffered financial losses. She appreciates this is not a trivial offence.’

Mr McKenzie said Stevenson posed a low risk of reoffending and stressed the impact on the family if she was behind bars.

He said: ‘As far as the twins are concerned, there is no familial support in the area. Her husband works full time. He would have to give up his work to look after the children.’

Sheriff Gilchrist deferred sentence for three weeks to allow for assessment of the suitability of Stevenson’s home for the curfew order.



News & Image Resource –, April 25, 2018