California IVF Fertility Center opens a new fertility center with latest updated technology to support the next generation of fertility treatments. The practices in Sacramento, on Auburn Boulevard, and Davis, California have been consolidated into a single location to better serve patients. The new facility will allow the infertility specialists of California IVF to expand on their excellent rates of success.

founder and medical director of California IVF states – Dr. Ernest Zeringue said – “After more than 13 years of providing services for residents of Northern California, we have taken the next step to advance our services and introduce the next generation of fertility treatments.” Dr. Zeringue is proud of the accomplishments of his team of experts. “We are not just claiming to use the latest technology, we are changing the way fertility treatments are delivered.”

Advanced freezing techniques, called vitrification already refined, by this technique up to 20 percent improvement in pregnancy rates since 2015 has been recorded. With improvements in freezing techniques and the decade of experience in genetic screening of embryos, a new approach to IVF treatments has evolved. Combined with revised medication protocols, patients under 40 have seen cumulative success rates of 75 to 80 percent, following a single egg retrieval.

With years of experience and refinements in fertility treatment, California IVF has completely re-engineered the embryology laboratory to maximize air quality. Strict monitoring and controls for temperature, humidity, airborne particles, and volatile organic chemicals, will ensure optimal air quality. Additional improvements in the construction of the embryology laboratory have eliminated most vibrations that can interfere with microscopic procedures such as ICSI and embryo biopsy.

The new location features more than four times the space as the prior office in Davis. The new clinic features an on-site research lab to study techniques to improve egg quality and embryo performance.

Dr. Zeringue states, “With the type of success we are seeing, California IVF expects to see an increase in patients travelling from the Bay Area and other states.”


News and Image Resource –, October 24, 2017