One special news on Christmas from 2 miracle babies. All these babies were born in the past 12 months as a result of a new remarkable IVF technique called vitrification – where embryos are frozen and stored at -197c.

Life of “Fresh Embryo” is very limited, They don’t survive beyond six days, so to avoid wasting them they can be frozen, a technique pioneered by Professor Simon Fishel, A British expert in the Nineties, Professor Simon Fishel Freezing them means they can be used months, even years, later.

Earlier this week it was reported that an American woman has just become a mother using a donor’s embryo that had been frozen for 24 years. (Under UK law embryos can be frozen and stored for ten years, but this can be extended to 55 years in some circumstances, such as cancer.)

Using frozen embryos may also helpful to boost some women’s chances of conceiving. It’s thought the womb lining might be more receptive to the embryo, as it hasn’t just undergone invasive egg harvesting.

It makes IVF safer for women, too, as they can have further implantations without the need for powerful drugs to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs.

The babies here, born after their mothers had treatment at Care Fertility in Manchester, started life as ‘tiny snowflakes’ less than a tenth of a millimetre in size. Now look completely normal healty babies


News and Image Resource –, December 22, 2017